Action item: Let’s demand President Trump’s tax returns – two pages from 2005 isn’t enough

This one is easy, SC 3rd District friends. For this week we focus on the House of Representatives and for us that means our Congressman Jeff Duncan.  You are calling to support “H RES 186” and to ask Congressman Duncan to co-sponsor it – note this isn’t a Bill, it is a directive or a resolution. This Resolution tells the House of Representatives to use its authority to direct the Treasury Secretary to provide the public with a decade’s worth of Trump’s complete tax returns – because it is in the public interest for him to do so.

Local Angle:

Congressman Duncan is quite unlikely to co-sponsor H RES 186 but Congressman Mark Sanford from SC has been helpful on this issue (see links below) so it isn’t out of left field to ask Duncan to help. And remember, with each call we are politely registering our watchfulness: let Duncan know of your concerns and that you need him to better represent your interests. 

The Resolution

Congressman Jeff Duncan

Washington DC: (202) 225-5301

Anderson SC: (864) 224 7401

Laurens SC: (864) 681 1028

Talking Points / Script:

Read more here:


Action Call courtesy of your friendly Government Oversight Steering Committee for the Week of March 13-19th, 2017

Action Item: Urge Sen. Graham to Demand a Full, Independent Investigation into Jeff Sessions

Senator Lindsey Graham is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and Democrats from that committee are pushing for a criminal investigation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Ask Senator Graham to support an independent investigation into whether Jeff Sessions committed perjury during his confirmation hearings.

  • DC Office: 202-224-5972
  • Greenville Office: 864-250-1417
  • Pendleton Office: 864-646-4090

Bonus: Also call the House Judiciary Committe at +1 202-225-3951

Action Item: Call Rep. Jeff Duncan to Oppose the American Health Care Act

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) would not only render tens of thousands of Americans without insurance but would also rollback the Medicaid Expansion, freezing enrollees in 2020 and reduce funding for mental health and addition services.

Call Rep. Jeff Duncan to voice that you oppose the AHCA.

  • Anderson: (864) 224-7401
  • Laurens: (864) 681-1028
  • DC: (202) 225-5301

Action Item: Postcard writing for Ides of March!

Write a Postcard to President Trump

If you didn’t have time to attend one of the postcard parties, you can still participate in this nationwide act of resistance against President Trump. Write a postcard stating why you oppose the agenda of President Trump and drop it in the mail on March 15th to:

President Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

Action Item: Call Jeff Duncan and ask him to vote to retain the Electoral Assistance Commission

Courtesy of our government oversight group:

Remember hanging chads? Butterfly ballots? If so, gulp. If not, you haven’t had to because our national standards for voting have been at least somewhat upheld as of late. But not for long. Only four days after Trump was inaugurated the House Committee quietly fast tracked a bold move to eliminate a key federal commission.

The Electoral Assistance Commission was created after the election of 2000 in order to improve election administration and, while it has been paralyzed by inaction as of late (as has much of our government), its mission is clear, and 38 groups, including the NAACP, Common Cause, and others have all decried the elimination of the only institution that oversees state compliance with Federal voting laws.

Thus we have an action item this week for you to pitch in to ensure democracy actually works! It’s not a sexy policy issue but the fact that it is getting little notice is exactly what makes it dangerous. As The Nation puts it, House Republicans just voted to eliminate the only federal agency that makes sure voting machines can’t be hacked.

In late January the House Committee quietly voted (on partisan lines) to push forward HR 634 the “Federal Electoral Commission Elimination Bill” – soon our local representatives will have to vote on this issue. It will now go to the full House for a vote.

Action: Call Congressman Jeff Duncan and ask him to vote AGAINST HR 634 and to RETAIN the bipartisan Electoral Assistance Commission. Let’s let him know we are carefully watching his vote and that we care about this issue.

DC: (202) 225-5301

Anderson: (864) 224-7401

Laurens: (864) 681-1028

email link:

As you likely know, South Carolina hasn’t had a stellar historical record in complying with federal voting laws and, therefore, as South Carolinians we have a special ethical imperative to push for the enforcement of fair national standards.

(Don’t be surprised if this action item comes back soon if it passes the House and moves to the Senate and we then have to contact our Senators… As we all know, it is a marathon, not a race but contacting Congressman Jeff Duncan is the focus for this week. We at Indivisible Clemson need to be vigilant and, dare we say, persistent.)

Here are some links with more information and also a link to INDIVISIBLE which provide some handy talking points for this topic.

The Bill


Talking points from Indivisible for phone calls

ACTION ITEM, February 23, Oppose dismantling of Endangered Species Act of 1973

ACTION ITEM (courtesy of our Environment group): Urgent Action Needed as Republican Congress Begin Effort to Gut the Endangered Species Act
We need everyone to call our Senators and demand that they oppose efforts to dismantle the Endangered Species Act of 1973.
If the Endangered Species Act of 1973 had not been passed, we might have lost the very symbol of our democracy: the bald eagle. “Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been blessed,” said President Richard Nixon while signing the act on December 28, 1973. Yet last Wednesday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held hearings on legislation that would roll back environmental regulations and protections under the Act.…/the-endangered-species-a…/…

Dozens of animals and plants have been saved by the Endangered Species Act, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which designates species at risk and ensures for the protection of these species and their habitats. Herein lies the problem, according to House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah), who wants to repeal it entirely. He argues that “it has never been used for the rehabilitation of species” but instead has “been used to control the land.” What Bishop does not seem to understand is that the number one cause of extinction is habitat destruction. Land equals habitat, so of course land use must be controlled if an endangered species depends upon it for survival.

Other species saved from extinction by the act include the grizzly bear, the whooping crane, the peregrine falcon, alligators, the Florida panther, and the California condor. Saving a species preserves not only that single species but also the biological diversity of an ecosystem. The species within an ecosystem are interrelated in ways we don’t always realize. Why should we care? Many people believe that every species has a right to exist for its own sake. But what can saving endangered species do for humans?

  • Drive economic and social development through ecotourism. Many countries that cannot afford conservation efforts have instead turned valuable ecosystems, which support endangered species, into tourist destinations.
  • Improve on modern agriculture. Wild plants can provide new genetic material to modern crops by conferring natural pest resistance, increasing yield, quality and adaptiveness to environmental conditions.
  • Provide potential medicines for human diseases. Indigenous populations, and animals, have used plants to treat various ailments for eons. Possibly, a cure for cancer and other human afflictions may be found in plants that are endangered, depend on an endangered species, or exist within an area protected for endangered species.
  • Enable the planet to continue functioning as it has for millennia. Rainforests recycle oxygen, soil nutrients, water purification, and flood protection as well as provide food and shelter for other plants and for animals, including endangered species. By protecting an endangered species’ habitat, we are actually ensuring the ecosystem’s ability to continue these vital functions.

This, Rep. Bishop, is why the land must be controlled. It sustains the endangered species; and so much more.
Please call Senator Scott and Senator Graham and ask them to preserve the Endangered Species Act.
Lindsey Graham:
Greenville Office: 864-250-1417
Columbia Office: 803-933-0112
Florence Office: 843-669-1505
Mount Pleasant Office: 843 849-3887
Rock Hill Office: 803-366-2828
Pendleton Office: 864-646-4090
DC Office: 202-224-5972 (only has voicemail options lately, so it’s probably better to call one of the other offices.)

Tim Scott:
DC: (202) 224-6121, Toll Free: (855) 425-6324
Greenville: (864) 233-5366
Columbia: (803) 771-6112
Charleston: (843) 727-4525

URGENT: IC Newsletter Signup

URGENT: please follow the link below and take a few seconds to provide Indivisible Clemson with your email address. Because Facebook is a severely limited platform when it comes to organizing and providing information concisely, and because we have a growing subset of members that are either not on Facebook or are not comfortable with Facebook, IC is switching to a more email and website-based means of communicating and disseminating action items. The Facebook page will still be active and updated, but all action posts will also be emailed in order to be more timely, better organized, easier to use, and easier to keep track over time. One suggestion: if you are a public employee, it would be best to NOT use your work email (e.g., but instead to use a private account. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

ACTION ITEM #2 February 13, Call your senators today! Oppose Pruitt for Head of EPA

Action Alert for Monday, February 13: visit Lindsey Graham’s office and call your 2 Senators today.

Please call your Members of Congress today and ask them to oppose Scott Pruitt for Head of the Environmental Protection Agency. His confirmation hearing is set for 10am Tuesday, February 14, so we need as many people as possible to call. Also, we need everyone to write a note and deliver it to the office of Lindsey Graham—said to be on the fence about this nomination—in Pendleton. We will meet on the square at 10am and at 5pm today, Monday, February 13. We are making a difference but must continue our momentum!

Pruitt has been nominated to be the head of the EPA, which he has sued at least 50 times. Is this the man we need at the helm of the agency charged with protecting our air and water? No, because Pruitt has proven himself to be anti-regulatory, a climate-change skeptic, and would like to remove government regulations for benefit of the oil and gas industry—from which he received more than $300,000 in campaign contributions. He has led coalitions that sought to reduce carbon pollution and protect the water supply. His appointment would weaken the government’s ability to regulate industries that would place profit over environmental protection.

Please call your Senators today then meet at Senator Graham’s office today to deliver your message: Oppose Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA!
Graham’s contact info:
DC Office: 202-224-5972
Greenville Office: 864-250-1417
Columbia Office: 803-933-0112
Florence Office: 843-669-1505
Mount Pleasant Office: 843 849-3887
Rock Hill Office: 803-366-2828
Pendleton Office: 864-646-4090

ACTION ITEM February 13 – City of Clemson City Council Work Session

“For those interested in City of Clemson issues, and in particular transportation and making Clemson more pedestrian and bike-friendly: 
On Monday, February 13th at 6:30 pm, the Clemson City Council will be holding a work session regarding the proposal to reduce parking for future mixed-use developments in downtown Clemson. My understanding is that developers would have the option to build fewer parking spaces and instead would pay fees that would go into a transportation fund to improve the bus service and pedestrian and bike access downtown. The work session is open to the public and provides an opportunity to learn more about the proposal and get a sense of the council members’ thoughts on the proposal and whether or not they will support it.” -Pam

Link to city council event: