NOW is the time to act on the Senate version of AHCA!

NOW is the time to act on the Senate version of AHCA. We are planning a combined action where EVERYONE can help. There are three steps, and I’m sure that everyone can pitch in for one or more.

1. Write up an extremely short summary of how AHCA will affect you and take a picture of yourself and your story. Encourage your friends and family around SC to do the same. Upload those images to our album ( Cary and Nigel have gotten us started.

2. Share that story and any others that touch you on social media: Twitter, Facebook, etc. Be sure to tag Sen Graham and Sen Scott and maybe stick on a hashtag like #AHCA or #Trumpcare. Call Graham and Scott’s office to share your story.

3. Join us to deliver these stories to Sen. Graham’s office in Pendleton next Tuesday at lunch. Invite your friends to come, too. This is a public event.

ACTION ITEM #2 February 13, Call your senators today! Oppose Pruitt for Head of EPA

Action Alert for Monday, February 13: visit Lindsey Graham’s office and call your 2 Senators today.

Please call your Members of Congress today and ask them to oppose Scott Pruitt for Head of the Environmental Protection Agency. His confirmation hearing is set for 10am Tuesday, February 14, so we need as many people as possible to call. Also, we need everyone to write a note and deliver it to the office of Lindsey Graham—said to be on the fence about this nomination—in Pendleton. We will meet on the square at 10am and at 5pm today, Monday, February 13. We are making a difference but must continue our momentum!

Pruitt has been nominated to be the head of the EPA, which he has sued at least 50 times. Is this the man we need at the helm of the agency charged with protecting our air and water? No, because Pruitt has proven himself to be anti-regulatory, a climate-change skeptic, and would like to remove government regulations for benefit of the oil and gas industry—from which he received more than $300,000 in campaign contributions. He has led coalitions that sought to reduce carbon pollution and protect the water supply. His appointment would weaken the government’s ability to regulate industries that would place profit over environmental protection.

Please call your Senators today then meet at Senator Graham’s office today to deliver your message: Oppose Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA!
Graham’s contact info:
DC Office: 202-224-5972
Greenville Office: 864-250-1417
Columbia Office: 803-933-0112
Florence Office: 843-669-1505
Mount Pleasant Office: 843 849-3887
Rock Hill Office: 803-366-2828
Pendleton Office: 864-646-4090