Action item: Let’s demand President Trump’s tax returns – two pages from 2005 isn’t enough

This one is easy, SC 3rd District friends. For this week we focus on the House of Representatives and for us that means our Congressman Jeff Duncan.  You are calling to support “H RES 186” and to ask Congressman Duncan to co-sponsor it – note this isn’t a Bill, it is a directive or a resolution. This Resolution tells the House of Representatives to use its authority to direct the Treasury Secretary to provide the public with a decade’s worth of Trump’s complete tax returns – because it is in the public interest for him to do so.

Local Angle:

Congressman Duncan is quite unlikely to co-sponsor H RES 186 but Congressman Mark Sanford from SC has been helpful on this issue (see links below) so it isn’t out of left field to ask Duncan to help. And remember, with each call we are politely registering our watchfulness: let Duncan know of your concerns and that you need him to better represent your interests. 

The Resolution

Congressman Jeff Duncan

Washington DC: (202) 225-5301

Anderson SC: (864) 224 7401

Laurens SC: (864) 681 1028

Talking Points / Script:

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Action Call courtesy of your friendly Government Oversight Steering Committee for the Week of March 13-19th, 2017