About Indivisible Clemson

Welcome to Indivisible Clemson! We are a newly formed group of concerned citizens from South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District coming together to actively resist the Trump agenda. Our model is the Indivisible Guide (www.indivisibleguide.com).

Please download this guide and give yourself some time to read and study it. It is written by congressional staffers who have studied how the tea party movement was most effective as a grassroots committed movement, with the goal of using similar tactics to fight the Trump agenda. It gives very specific information about calling your representatives, going to town hall meetings, and otherwise being informed and vocal in an effective way. And when you get make your calls, then record it on the poll (right now on Facebook) on our page, let everyone know, and feel proud! The time to act is NOW!

What this space is: a way for us to share with you specific actions to take to influence legislators in our federal and state government, and a space for us to applaud each others’ efforts, embolden one another, and keep each other strong and active. We are focusing this group specifically and narrowly on action items to influence our legislators.

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Let’s be brave together for the future of our democracy and our world!

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